Stacey Reed

Stacey Reed
Vice President of Contract Administration
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Stacey Reed is part of the Reed Family and deeply embedded into the history of Michigan Office Solutions.  We are proud to have her on our team!  One of her passions is providing exceptional customer service.  In a world that is constantly becoming more automated and rushed, Stacey takes the time to teach the importance of speaking up the same way she learned from her father and grandfather.  Show up early, work hard, manage your responsibilities and most of all ENJOY WHAT YOU DO.  Stacey is always working with our customers to make sure that MOS is delivering a world class experience.

Stacey’s drive for excellent customer service is derived from her strong work ethic, which was instilled in her at a young age.  Stacey’s grandfather established a tradition with his family.  As each child and grandchild graduated from college they were not allowed to come to work for the company right away.  He wanted them to go and find a job elsewhere for a few years and only then were they allowed to join the family business.  This gave each one the opportunity to really decide what they wanted to do with their careers.  Over the years William S. Reed has had 3 of his children and 2 grandchildren join the MOS family.  We are proud to have some of them still working with us today!

Over the past year, Stacey has played a critical role in updating our internal systems.   She has been intricate part of our team ensuring that MOS made an easy transition with the least amount of impact on our customers.  She is a true asset to our organization! 

Did you know . . .
I am a jigsaw puzzles fanatic!  I never seem to have the time to finish a puzzle but I found a great app for my IPhone to do them 24/7, just what I need!

I am also a true science geek!  My son and I love doing experiments with kitchen supplies, making rockets or studying different types of rocks.

My biggest inspiration is my dad.   Over the years he has been consistent, fair, caring and supportive, the best qualities you can have in a parent.