The national resources and strength of XEROX with the agility of MOS local service and support!

Michigan Office Solutions (MOS) represents the best of both worlds when it comes to your business solutions – the national resources and strength of Xerox and the agility of locally managed services and support teams. In 1957, MOS started as a small local company formed by William S. Reed and partners. Back then we were known as Commercial Equipment Company. In 1981, The WS Reed Company was formed to provide it’s customers with office equipment through other manufacturers. We are fortunate to have some of the original Reed Family members as employees today.

With the support of our customers and employees, we established a national presence when we were acquired by Global Imaging Systems, Inc in 2002. Michigan Office Solutions was formed in 2007 encompassing the WS Reed Company employees and CEC employees. As we continued to grow, our footprint began to grow and we now support 8 locations across the state. In 2007, Xerox purchased our parent company, Global Imaging as a wholly-owned subsidiary.  Through this purchase, MOS can now support all of your locations nation wide through our network of sister core companies.  Backed by the power of Xerox, we are your local and national partner in office technology!