DocuMate 4799

Xerox® DocuMate® 4799 Scanner

Provides Extra Performance and Versatility for Heavy Scanning Demands

Versatility, high-speed and superior reliability make the Xerox® DocuMate® 4799 a powerful scanner for demanding environments. With up to a 40,000 page per day duty cycle, this innovative workhorse scans up to 112 pages per minute and employs three advanced sensor systems: ultrasonic double feed detection, stapled document detection and intelligent feed control to ensure that your scan job will not get interrupted.



Designed for document capture and workflow the Xerox® DocuMate® 4799 delivers everything you ever wanted in a high-speed document scanner: productivity, reliability and innovation.

Documents of various sizes can be stacked together in the automatic feed tray without worry because the Xerox® DocuMate® 4799 employs not one, but three ultrasonic double feed detection sensors to cover the entire width of a document. The scanner also detects stapled multi-page documents and halts the scanning process—minimizing damage to the optical glass and your documents. The thickness of documents being fed into the scanner is also monitored, automatically adjusting the roller pressure to ensure that all pages are accurately fed. This combination of sensors creates one of the most reliable feed mechanisms available today.

– Duplex

Duty Cycle
– 40,000 Pages

Scan Speed
– 112 ppm

Scan method
– Automatic Document Feeder (ADF)

Optical Resolution
– 600 dpi

– 18.7″(w) x 23″(d) x 13″(h) (474 x 585 x 329 mm)

– 55 lbs. (25 kg)

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