Be Secure

Your work environment is an ever evolving place that is full of challenges. Michigan Office Solutions can help you transform your office technology environment and deliver the competitive advantage you are looking for. Technology can transform your business and deliver a competitive advantage. You just need to team up with the right partner. MOS is ready to work with you to analyze, advise and apply solutions to meet your business goals and optimize your technology investment. We can help you free up your team to concentrate on more critical issues like running your infrastructure. We can help you take care of the rest!

Without the proper security measures in place, your company’s information could be compromised. It is even more critical to protect your customers’ information. MOS can help you handle client and customer information with confidence knowing that you are in accordance with government regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. We can help you put technology and processes in place to help with security protocols and secure print practices. Add solutions that help you monitor and protect your environment from Malware and viruses giving you peace of mind!

Be the hero of your company by enabling mobile to print solutions that are convenient, secure and easy access to their print servers to stay productive anywhere! Enable continuity of document service product by providing user portals and web catalogs to seamlessly connect the end user with the print shop. Improve the efficiency of your IT Help Desk by outsourcing to MOS to reduce time spent on managing multiple vendors with varying consumables, support and billing. MOS is your office technology partner. Get started today!