Bill Orr

Bill Orr
Executive Vice President of Sales
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We consider ourselves fortunate that Bill has been with MOS for over 30 years overseeing our sales organization. Bill holds a strong belief that doing good business is to take great pride in your work.  The result of this is that both the customer and MOS prosper and long term partnerships are formed. Every dark cloud has a silver lining and one thing that Bill has taught us through his experience with customers is that most organizations have plenty of room for increased efficiencies and lowering overhead. Over Bill’s career he has helped hundreds of customers capitalize on those opportunities by introducing them to the MOS 360 Process.

Bill comes from a long family history of sales.  He learned at an early age that the best sales people are the ones who put their customer’s needs first. His passion for sales was instilled in him by his father and shortly before he was preparing for college, he knew he was destined for a career in sales.   35 years later Bill has no regrets and enjoys mentoring others with their careers in one of the best possible industries to work in.

One of the recent highlights in Bill’s career at MOS has been our recent entry into the Southeast Michigan market. Although the media tends to dwell on the negative aspects of the struggles of the City of Detroit, Southeast Michigan is an area brimming with opportunity and represents MOS’s largest growth market. We at MOS are very excited about the prospects of growing and partnering with customers there and throughout the State of Michigan.

Did you know…

My wife and I have been married 35 years…we have two beautiful daughters & two grandchildren with the third grandchild on the way.

Aside from work and family, my greatest passion is fishing.  Catching steel head on a fly rod is at the top of my list.

My favorite quote is “change is the catalyst for evolution” or as they say in the Marine Corp, “adapt and survive”.